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What is SMP?

What is an SMP treatment?


SMP or Scalp Micro Pigmentation is an advanced, non-surgical procedure, where a process similar to cosmetic tattoo is used to create the look of a full head of shaved hair. Unlike traditional tattoo procedures, SMP uses specialised, natural pigments specifically designed for the scalp.  This prevents the pigmentation from changing colour, with the pigments remaining closely matched to your natural hair tones. 


Using ultra thin needles our highly skilled technicians will accurately place pigments just below the epidermis, using varying penetration depths, pattern distribution and angles.  The technician will also select specific pigments to create a unique blend that will match perfectly with your natural hair colour. 


SMP is an incredible, transformational and affordable treatment that gives immediate results and restores confidence in people who are suffering from hair loss.

Why choose an SMP treatment?


There are a variety of reasons you might choose a Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment. For men and women who are conscious about the way their hair looks, SMP is a natural choice. It provides immediate results, at an affordable price, without the need for surgery.


SMP treatments are safe, almost pain-free and do not leave unsightly scars, unlike some hair loss procedures which quite often leave a person with more anxiety and lower confidence than they started with.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation v Traditional Tattoos


  • ​​The SMP procedure is non-surgical and leaves no scarring

  • SMP uses natural pigmentation as opposed to permanent ink

  • The SMP treatment will not fade to blue or spread over time

  • SMP Pigments used are not applied as deeply beneath the skin

  • Pigments used for SMP are biodegradable

  • SMP is much less painful than traditional tattooing

Why is SMP replacing wigs (hair systems or toupees) AND hair transplants?


Until recently, anyone experiencing hair loss only had two realistic options available to them and both with major drawbacks.  For someone who has already had their confidence knocked and has poor self image due to hair loss, the transition from little or no hair to wearing a wig is just too dramatic.


Because the transition is so sudden and obvious when first wearing a wig, many people fear being ridiculed and being the target of never ending jokes, as there has always been, and still is a stigma attached to wearing a wig.  This can lead to a person feeling as if they have lost their identity and are just known as "the man with the wig".  Also, many people are just not prepared to accept the restrictions that come with wearing a wig.  Having to avoid various sports such as martial arts in case you were put in a head lock, or avoid spontaneous social activities such as helping a friend paint a ceiling for fear of paint getting into your expensive wig, as well compromising your male dominance in more intimate situations when you flinch when your lover runs their fingers through your 'hair' in a passionate moment! not something many people are prepared to live with.


Those who have chosen to go ahead with wearing a wig often encounter many issues regarding comfort and long term use.


Often, people are not comfortable with having double sided tape attached to their head to hold the wig in place and are constantly worried about it moving and the embarrassment that even a slightly misplaced wig would cause.  Although there are wigs that can be bonded to the scalp for a period of weeks or months at a time, the materials used to bond the wig to the scalp are so strong that the wearer will often need to remove it in order to relieve the irritation, heat and itching caused by the adhesive.  If the skin is badly damaged by the adhesive, the wearer has no choice but to refrain from wearing the wig until the scalp is healed.  This is not an acceptable solution for a person who is aiming to improve their confidence and self image for the long term.


The second option available is a hair transplant, which unlike SMP is an invasive, surgical procedure and has a strict criteria for suitability.  Certain lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on the success of the surgery.  For example, drinking alcohol and smoking can contribute to poor graft survival. 


     "Even when performed on the perfect candidate, a hair transplant can still completely fail resulting in a lot of unnecessary pain, wasted time and money."


After the surgery, virtually all of the transplanted hairs will fall out due to trauma, known as "shock loss".  Only after two to three months will new hairs begin to grow and the success of the surgery become apparent.  Most people have heard the horror stories associated with hair transplants and have seen the unsightly scars that many people have been left with. In fact, SMP is commonly used to effectively conceal the terrible scarring caused by hair transplants.


For those who are prepared to accept the associated risks and make the necessary lifestyle changes, there is then the matter of cost.  Depending on the amount of grafts required, someone suffering from severe male pattern baldness could end up paying in excess of £30,000.  For many people, this is just not an affordable solution.


SMP is a non-invasive, non-surgical and affordable treatment that will not restrict you in any way. With its immediate results it is the perfect solution for hair loss.

Facts about Scalp Micro Pigmentation:


  • SMP is ideal for today's man who desires the simplicity of a shaved head of hair​

  • SMP is an effective, safe and drug-free treatment

  • SMP provides a natural looking hairline without the need for surgery

  • SMP treatments remove the need for the other hair restoration procedures and products

  • SMP is not a camouflaging product that is used on a daily basis

  • SMP treatment packages are affordable and tailored to individual requirements

Why choose an SMP treatment from us? 


At Your Hair Clinic, our specialist team are extensively trained and certified in SMP, ensuring that every treatment is performed to the highest possible standard.  All technicians are fully registered and hold the required industry insurance necessary, to safely and legally carry out the Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure, (details of which we are happy to share / make available to you on request). 


Our clinic is based in the exclusive district, The Park, in Nottingham city. Not only is this centrally located, giving easy access to much of the Midlands and South Yorkshire, it is also a private and stylish setting for our treatment centre.  If you have any questions or concerns about undertaking an SMP treatment with us, please do call one of our technicians today and let us talk to you about what will be the best decision you are likely to make in a long time.  

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