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What is scalp micro pigmentation (SMP)?


SMP is a safe, non surgical, cosmetic treatment that provides the client with the look of a closely shaved, full head of hair. Using highly advanced techniques and specialised pigments our technicians create the impression of visible hair stubble on the scalp. SMP is suitable for different types of hair loss, including receding hair, scarring, alopecia or even complete baldness of the scalp. Suitable and looks great on all skin colours too.


How long will the treatment take?


The treatment time will vary, depending on the individual's requirements.  Typically, a treatment session will take 2 - 4 hours, usually requiring 2 - 3 sessions.


How real will it look?


Scalp micro-pigmentation, performed at our exceptionally high standards, provides an incredibly natural look to the scalp that is practically indistinguishable from real hair.  Previous client's have commented that their results are so natural that even friends and family can't believe it isn't their real hair.  There are also clients who choose to be more discreet, and not tell others about their treatment and simply enjoy the positive comments about their new image and youthful appearance.  


How long will my SMP results last?


Because every individual is unique, results and longevity of treatment can vary so we can not give a definite answer to this question. The two main factors responsible for pigment fading are the clients collagen microstructure, and the clients immune response - both unique to the individual. However, to ensure your results last as long as possible we advise all our clients to protect their head in the sun, as sunburn can fade the pigments. To maintain your Scalp Micropigmentation you may require a touch-up up once every 2-3 years. You will be glad to know that if a touch-up is needed, it would be charged at an hourly rate, you don't pay the initial treatment rate.


Is the procedure painful?


The SMP procedure is usually described as fairly mild, with most people rating the pain level as a 2-3 on a 1-10 scale. Certain areas of the head can be more sensitive, maybe a 3-5, but overall most clients don't find the pain to be a problem at all. In fact it's quite common for clients to fall asleep on us during their treatment.


How is hair colour matched with the SMP treatment?


Your Hair Clinic's technicians are trained to an extremely high standard in achieving a seamless blend with your existing hair.  Depending on your requirements, your technician will select specific pigments to create a unique blend that will match perfectly with your natural hair colour.


Does SMP differ from conventional tattoo?


Yes.  SMP is a much less invasive procedure than a "conventional tattoo".  The needles that are used for SMP are much finer and do not penetrate the skin as deeply as in normal tattooing.  This means that the procedure is a lot less painful than a conventional tattoo and it is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep during their treatment.   SMP also utilises specialised pigments that are designed specifically for the scalp. Unlike conventional tattoo inks SMP pigments do not spread or discolour over time. 


Is this only for balding people or is it suitable for people wanting to improve their hairline?


SMP is a treatment that is suitable for varying degrees of hair loss and does not in any way affect the natural hair follicles.  This means that there is no risk to anyone wishing to just compliment the hairline they already have.  Whether you require a full scalp treatment or partial treatment to strengthen and define your existing hairline, SMP is the perfect solution for you.


How much do treatments cost?


During your consultation, our technicians will discuss with you the type of treatment you require, including the number of treatment sessions that will be necessary to obtain the desired result.  


Treatment packages cost between £600 and £2000*


*An accurate quote will be provided ONLY following a consultation with a Your Hair Clinic Technician.

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