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Our Pricing



...and it's these values that we have built our business on. So it's only natural that our prices reflect our values. Our mission is to help as many people suffering from hair loss as possible, by offering an exceptionally high quality service, that changes peoples lives at a FAIR and AFFORDABLE price.


That's why Your Hair Clinic can guarantee that you will NEVER pay more than £2000 no matter how severe your hair loss, alopecia or scarring is.

With prices starting from as little as £150 (for scars and imperfections).



      "Harley Street quality at a FAIR and AFFORDABLE price"



For anyone who has seen prices, or had quotes of £3000 from other companies and are wondering how we are able to keep the cost down, here's how...


  • We don't charge London prices. Although we trained at the famous Harley Street, we don't have our clinic there, so we don't need to charge you to cover Londons premium rates.


  • We believe that you shouldn't be funding our TV advertising campaigns. TV advertising costs a lot of money, that has to be recuperated from somewhere. We don't advertise on TV so this is not a cost we need to pass on to you.


  • We believe that you shouldn't be paying for ever expanding offices. Expanding across the country costs a lot of money. We provide a high quality, discreet, personal service from our beautiful Nottingham based clinic. You wont be funding our expansion, we are happy where we are!



An accurate quote will be provided ONLY following a consultation with a Your Hair Clinic Technician.


Call us today on 0115 882 1223 to speak to one of our friendly team or book a FREE consultation.

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