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Being pretty much totally bald for so many years, I had just got used to shaving the sides of my hair completely off with a wet shave when I was shaving my face. In the day time you would never see me without my hat either. This was the best I could do with what I had to try and not look so old, but I never liked the shiny head look with a never-ending forehead.


This treatment has literally changed my life. The confidence I have now is like when I was a teenager and had proper game. I'm back!...Keep my hat guys.


Nathan, Birmingham

That bald spot on the back of my head was affecting my confidence big time. It seeped into all parts of my life, from feeling self-conscious at work to not even wanting to sit in front of people on the bus in case they were staring at my bald spot. I'm only in my 20's so I felt robbed.


This treatment has really turned my life around as I have no worries about not looking my age, as the bald spot has totally gone. To have such a weight off my mind and no longer feel self-conscious, makes it well worth the money to me.


Jamal, Loughborough

As a man in my 50's, I wasn't sure if trying to roll back the years was the right thing to do. "Grow old gracefully" and accept my balding head seemed like the easy option. However, since getting this treatment done it has made me feel younger, and I love it when people guess my age and always guess 10 years younger than what I actually am. This is the best thing I have done for myself since having kids!


Martin, Nottingham

I'm so glad I've had this treatment. I was at work the other day and I asked a new girl how old she thought I was...she said 24...she knocked over 10 years off my age, so happy days! I used to wear hats a lot because I was looking older than I should be looking, and I didn't like my picture being taken as I had no hairline - it was awful.


But the guys were great and worked with me the whole time, even altering the hairline throughout the process to get the exact hairline I wanted. Now I feel like im back to my youth again, it's brilliant...I don't know what else to say! Thank you!


Simeon, Nottingham

I wasn't that bothered about getting my baldness sorted out, it was my missus who kept pushing for me to do it, so I did. Having lots of tattoos on my arm I knew I could take the pain. I was surprised though as there was no pain for me whatsoever and I fell asleep during the treatment. To be fair now I've had it done I love it!...And so does the missus!

Stuart, Derby

My hair loss had been bothering me for years, but I didn't even know that this treatment existed.

A hair tattoo sounded ridiculous at first, but seeing it in the flesh on the technicians heads just showed me how good it was, as I didn't even notice until they said. No one has noticed on me either so no regrets at all.

Neil, Leicester

My husband came home and told me he was getting his head done and what it was all about. I thought he was crazy. I think I was more nervous than him and didn't really want him to get this treatment done, but I'm so pleased he did. He looks gorgeous, just how I met him 11 years ago. 

Not that I didn't love him with his balding head, but just seeing how much more confident he is and how happy he is makes this treatment worth every penny.

Joanne, Mansfield

I can't say I really knew what SMP was before going for my consultation and having a chat but glad I went. Felt nervous before going to the clinic too but they really made me feel at ease and answered every question I had. Results look damn good. Highly recommend Your Hair Clinic.

Jonny 42, Northampton

My wife did not want me to get this done at all! She was happy for me to stay bald and not get my bald spot sorted, as I think she thought I'd get my mojo back and start going out again, and getting attention from women again. She was absolutely right! All of a sudden she has started wearing make up again lol

Anonymous, Nottingham

I considered SMP for quite some time, then left it and came back. When I came back it was even more work as more SMP practitioners had opened up shop. It appeared the quoting system among many of them was a baseline £3000 no matter what stage your hair loss is at. To me it made no sense and was more of a We Can Get Away With It Lets Do It Situation.


Fortunately I came across Your Hair Clinic based in Nottingham, in the nice area of Regent Street.

If I can say one thing it's this, if you want SMP doing professionally at the best price GO THERE. Glyn and Dwane are great at what they do, they can capture the exact look you're looking for with professional results. It's a relaxed atmosphere, safe and spotless clean. Also as I said before based in Regent Street and you just don't get a place in Regent Street without intense vetting.


My favourite part has to be the fact that you're not told to pay £3000 for a few sessions, then if that does not take to your head over those sessions you're starting to fork out more money.

At Your Hair Clinic they do the procedures until it's completed and you have the look you want, that alone is worth the price.


The cost of your treatment and travel costs still remain cheaper than paying that £3000 price tag. 

It's basically a pain free undetectable procedure that changes your life forever, no more hiding away. 


My verdict

For the cost, professionalism and final result, go to Your Hair Clinic.


Lee, Leicester

I wanted to say thank you both for your hard work and effort you have put in. 

It is an amazing result and I know I have said it already, but you both literally created something from nothing. I have spent a long time hiding under hats or making fun of my own head and to put that behind me with the added confidence it has given me is a gift.

Thank you.


Adam, Nottingham

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